About us

We are a team of motivated and inspirational people with broad experience in organization, management and planning of sporting events.

In 2020, after many years of experience from previously organized events, we have established an association Volunteers4sport.cz. We strive to be not only the best partner for any sporting event organizers but also a platform for volunteers that provides choice of events they can be involved in.  

For Event organizers

Volunteers4sport.cz association finds suitable candidates for any kind of event, from a small to a major international sport event. We will be with you from the beginning to the end of the process and will secure recruitment, training, feedback, motivation and a complete management of volunteers, so you can focus entirely on your event.

Are you organizing sporting events? Are you looking to recruit, train or manage volunteers? Get in touch with us via email: info@volunteers4sport.cz. We, in Volunteer4sport.cz, believe that great volunteers create great events.

For Event volunteers

Would you like to be part of an amazing sporting event? If you are happy to help, you are the right person for us. Get in touch with us via email: info@volunteers4sport.cz. Volunteer4sport.cz will send you a notification about upcoming events.

The role of volunteers cannot be overlooked at any event. For that we are creating a platform for these amazing people to give them an opportunity for further education and development of their sport events volunteering skills. We believe that these skills can be applied not only while working as a volunteer but also in their professional life. Our goal, in Volunteer4sport.cz, is to be the connection link for the event organizers and volunteers. We would like to raise the level of sporting events in the Czech Republic on the local and the international level as well.

Together we can achieve more.

Would you like to know more about us?

Follow us on social media below. Our gallery section has a selection of photos and videos from previous events.

Do you have any questions?

Get in touch via email: info@volunteers4sport.cz and let’s work together. 


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